The Team

Candid Apple is the brainchild of Tamryn Lawrence, multi award winning wedding expert & author, and Ian Wilkinson, business consultant extraordinaire who has spent almost 20 years advising businesses and coaching individuals. However, rather than bore you with their CVs (although do ask if you want them!), here they are in their own words...

Tamryn, by Ian
"Tam is quite extraordinary. As Candid Apple's creative, stylish and crafty spark, she is an engaging writer, social media junkie and all round energy giver. She knows a lot about a lot of things.

If I'm the thinker, Tam's the experimentalist. She's interested in everything, always researching, exploring, trying, doing, learning from every detail and that curiosity and self-belief is contagious. Without a doubt, she's one of the most positive, encouraging and inspiring people I've ever met - Tam has the energy and ideas to get you trying things out and learning from what happens.

Tam is a foodie and she's good enough to bake endless cakes for the office. But then, she was also good enough to complete four marathons in four days, walk 100 kilometres in 22 hours, write countless magazine articles, win awards, appear on TV, get two books published and build an award winning business, just from ideas she thought she'd be interested to try out.

Serial adorer of tea, beautiful things, the Lake District and dogs, Tam is original, courageous, lively and a joy to work with."

Ian, by Tamryn
"Ian is really rather wonderful - he knows so much, understands so much and makes and absolutely fabulous cup of tea. He is the real business brains at Candid Apple, asking the difficult questions to get you thinking and putting together all the practical 'to do lists' to really get your business rocking.

I should tell you that Ian has over 20 years business experience but that would make him feel old. I should also tell you that he's worked with some really impressive big-hitters over the years but that would just embarrass him. I should definitely tell you he's a clever sort with a PhD and we call him 'The Doctor'. He's a better listener than almost anyone I've ever met and he's got a real knack for converting my thoughts and ideas in 'real' things. He's a bit of a miracle worker really.

He's uber fit, funny, frank and nothing ever gets past him. He loved the outdoors, good food and has quite an addiction to coffee shops, cake and conversations. There's really no-one I'd rather work with (especially someone who lets me bring a dog to work!)

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